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Tune Into Body and Mind With Yin Yoga in Woodland Hills

Relax and Reconnect with Yin Yoga in Woodland Hills, CA.

Yin Yoga Flow

Our Yin Yoga class in Woodland Hills focuses on stretching out the deeper connective tissues. This slower-paced yoga practice incorporates asanas and deep stretches, each held for 1 to 4 minutes in stillness. Slower movements powered by your breath results in a meditative state of mind, allowing you to tune in to the physical sensations in your body. Set in our warm yoga studio, it's the perfect way to calm the mind and connect with your body.


How It Works

Step 1: Check the Schedule

Step 2: Book Your Class

Step 3: Enjoy Hot Yin Yoga

Book Your Next Yin Yoga Class

Reconnect with your body and mind with our Yin Yoga class in Woodland Hills, CA. Check our class schedule and book today.

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