T E A M   V H Y 

K I M B E R L Y   B U C K L E Y

After stepping out of her first ever yoga class at a small quaint Bikram Yoga studio in downtown La Jolla, CA, Kimberly Buckley knew the course of her life had shifted in a profound way. She still remembers that day, 15 years ago, like it was yesterday. Practicing the 26+2 sequence has provided her with a solid foundation upon which her yoga practice and way of life has completely transformed and evolved. Kim has learned from a dedicated and consistent practice how to breathe and establish focus. No matter what life throws at her, she can always bring that focus back to a special place inside herself.  Her journey as a teacher is a blessing and she is honored to invite you to gently and joyfully show up, have fun, move your body, connect to your soul, return to your mat with consistent practice and watch yourself transform!

She is here to guide you and take you on a journey into your own being, to help you uncover and unearth the gems of YOU that are buried deep within. Let breath be the voice of your soul and come sing! Kim teaches Hot 26+2 and provides Reiki Therapy at Valley Hot Yoga Wellness Center.

D A N N Y   R O D R I G U E Z

Danny Rodriguez has been a dedicated Hot 26+2 practitioner for two decades. Devoting himself to the true Bikram sequence he delivers a class not to be missed. Danny will always tell you kindly, with care, everything you as a student can bring awareness to in your own personal practice. Danny teaches Hot 26+2


C A R M E N   K I J A 
Carmen 'Kija' is a yoga teacher and paddleboard yoga instructor from Los Angeles, California. Her Costa-Rican and Korean roots have always encouraged her to travel and explore different cultures, leading her to the Amazon jungle of Peru in 2021, where she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training, with a focus in Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Ayurveda. Within the following month, Kija was certified in SUP Yoga and began to teach in Marina Del Rey and Ventura, California.  Kija also holds a Bachelor in Arts of Political Science and previously worked as a writer and activist in Washington, D.C. It was there on Capitol Hill, homesick for her California trails and beaches, that she entered her first yoga studio. The physical discipline of Hatha Yoga sparked nostalgia for gymnastics, but the mental and spiritual connection of the practice inspired her to return home to California and pursue yoga professionally.  As a former gymnast and competition cheerleader, Kija's work is inspired by artistic and rhythmic movement and sport. She invites students of all levels and backgrounds as she brings dance and power vinyasa-style flows to her classes, whether on the water or in the studio.


  A L E X   B E R N A L
 Alexandra Bernal is a personal trainer, boxer, and yoga instructor.
She began her yoga journey over 10 years ago in her hometown of Bogotá, Colombia to help with a back injury. She fell in love with the physical and mental benefits of yoga, completing her teacher training shortly after. Her classes are beginner and injury friendly, focusing on strength, balance and challenging flows. She loves sweating, holding planks and breath work. Her playlists range from classical music to Led Zeppelin. When she’s not on the mat you can find Alexandra performing on tv, fostering homeless puppies or trying the newest vegan restaurant. 


R A C H E L   C A R L O Z Z I

Rachel’s love for yoga was ignited 17 years ago.  Intrigued by a yoga studio she drove past each day on her way to work in the Bay Area which read “Yoga for Health,” something called her in. Coming from a background in competitive dance, having little knowledge of yoga, and zero awareness of the Bikram yoga practice, she followed her intuition and signed up for a class.  During the course of the 90 minutes in the hot room, she was invigorated, challenged, became nauseas, and at one point thought “I’m going to die in here!”  After completing the class, which seemed like a miracle at the time, Rachel left the studio feeling more alive and clearer than she had in a very long time. Eventually yoga became her safe haven, a place to connect deeply with her inner world, strengthen her mind and body, and find her flow, even in the most uncomfortable circumstances.  After a 200 hour teacher training in SF, she moved to LA with an excitement to share the practice of yoga and facilitate enriching experiences for people. A Reiki master and certified NLP practitioner, Rachel’s intention is to welcome you with an open heart, build you up, and send you on your way feeling better than you did when you arrived. 

B I A N C A   C O S T A


Physical Movement has always been a main focus in my life. Growing up as a dancer, I was introduced to the significance of having a healthy & malleable body at a very young age. I began practicing hot yoga in 2015, where I discovered the true essence of living through alignment with the mind and body, encouraging me to complete my HYTT certification program less than a year later. Since then, I've only grown more in love with this experience of healing. I've taught at countless studios around the world, helping lead teacher trainings, and diving deep into other styles while strengthening my overall relationship to this lifelong practice. For me, it has been the greatest gift, helping others in transforming their lives.  I believe that through life’s challenges, Yoga has a tremendous power to teach us how  to live at our highest level of vibration!
With Gratitude, Bianca Rose



 L I N D S I E   K O N G S O R E 

Lindsie Kongsore is a born and raised Oregonian who's been living in Los Angeles for several years. She received her Yoga Teacher Certification in Salt Lake City, Utah while getting her BFA in Acting. Lindsie has a background in dance and performance, and uses Yoga as a way to strengthen and stretch her body after long days of intense movement. Her favorite class to teach is the Vinyasa Power Flow, because of the full body connection you experience through breath and movement. Lindsie is so excited to be a part of the Valley Hot Yoga team and can't wait to make you sweat in class!


T R I S H A   B U R K E   M A R T I N D A L E 

Trisha began her Yoga Journey over 12 years ago while on a search for inner peace and self discovery. “Yoga is not just a trend or workout for me it’s a ‘work in’ it’s a way of life, a way for me to connect with my true self by moving my body with my breath and finding stillness through meditation.” Trisha grew up dancing and always loved the release and soul connection that moving her body to music gave her. When she found Yoga, she was able to gain all the benefits from her dance years and more. “I fell in love with Yoga. It has been my way to connect with the bigger picture and experience life in a new way.” Trisha is a Certified 500 hour RYT and has been teaching Yoga in the Los Angeles area for almost 4 years now.  She teaches Vinyasa Flow, Breath Based Flow, Hatha, Restorative and Yin Yoga. 

“My Mission is to make Yoga accessible for everyone. Inclusive Yoga, empowering everyone to practice. My classes are relaxing, fun, engaging and most importantly, safe."