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90 Minute Ashtanga

Ashtanga [Introductory-Led Primary Series]
Ashtanga is a dynamic and athletic form of hatha yoga made up of a fixed order of postures, based on the traditional Mysore method. Ashtanga Vinyasa, also known as the original power yoga, involves the linking of movement and breath (vinyasa), ujjayi breathing, and bandhas (energy locks).  In this modified 90-minute version of the Primary Series, you will be guided through Sun Salutations A and B and selected advanced standing, sitting, and closing postures. Most suitable for intermediate practitioners. Heated to 105 degrees with varying humidity.

Book Your 75-Minute Hot Ashtanga Yoga Class

Join our 75-minute hot yoga class in Woodland Hills, CA. Check our class schedule to book.


Check out what our clients say about their hot yoga experiences at Valley Hot Yoga, CA.

"Valley Hot Yoga provides a welcoming, challenging, and fun environment to work on your strength, balance, flexibility and fitness as well as your mental health. I feel so fortunate to have found it!"

—Bryan M

"Due to chronic stress, my cortisol levels were permanently elevated. My health was declining. Valley Hot Yoga has become my sanctuary of healing. My cortisol levels and weight went down. Mentally I'm stronger. Some days, just staying in the room is a sense of accomplishment.  Emotionally I’ve found a community of supportive, fun people. I crave the sweating, detox and connection.  I haven’t been this all around healthy and happy in a long, long time."

—Angela F

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