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Experience Energizing Hot Vinyasa Yoga in Woodland Hills

Work up a Sweat in Hot Vinyasa Yoga in the Valley Hot Yoga Studio in Woodland Hills, CA.

Hot Vinyasa Flow

Enjoy a different kind of full-body workout with our hot Vinyasa Yoga. We heat our hot yoga studio to 105 degrees with varying humidity.

Vinyasa Yoga combines standing postures, sun salutations, and floor postures in our intense vinyasa yoga flow. Improve core and upper body strength while working on your breath control and balance.

You will flow dynamically between postures, creating a fun and spontaneous yoga experience. Enjoy a cardiovascular full-body workout with hot Vinyasa Yoga in Woodland Hills, CA. 

Book Your Hot Vinyasa Yoga Class

Join the most energizing hot Vinyasa Yoga class in Woodland Hills, CA. Check our class schedule to book.

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