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Get your heart rate up with
Hot Power Vinyasa

Work up a sweat with Hot Power Vinyasa at Valley Hot Yoga 

Hot Power Vinyasa

Hot Power Vinyasa is intended to get the body moving dynamically, and in and out of poses quickly. This class is designed to be fast-paced, generally holding poses for 1-6 seconds. It includes an emphasis on agility, strength, arm balances, and endurance. Hot Power Vinyasa is intended for all levels looking for a core-intensive, challenging, and rewarding class.

How It Works:

Step 1: Check the Schedule

Step 2: Book Your Class

Step 3: Enjoy Hot Vinyasa Yoga

Book Your Hot Power Vinyasa Class

Join the most energizing hot Vinyasa Yoga class in Woodland Hills, CA. Check our class schedule to book.

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